Geomack G-Oyster

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G-Oyster™ provides personal mobile protection from the new “ocean of electromagnetic pollution” that modern urban society is “swimming in” every day.

Geomack G-Oyster

Suffering from Bodily Aches, Stress, Negative

Are you suffering from unexplained bodily aches, symptoms of stress, pain?  If so you could be suffering from harmful 5g radiation, Electromagnetic or Geopathic stress.  The G-Oyster™ is for for the new “ocean of electromagnetic (EMF) pollution” that we are surrounded by. This new amazing pocket sized energetic portable personal protection provides you with protection on the go.

Healing, Health and Wellness

Geomack products are fundamental to your future health and well-being.

Geomack units are powerful transmitters of positive charging energies that are beneficial to humans and indeed all living creatures. Geomack products convert negative distorted energies from electromagnetic and geopathic stress into positive energy.  The G-Oyster  positive healing energy,  boosts  your energy and giving you a positive sense of well being.

Electromagnetic Stress

We now know that things which are invisible and imperceptible to us are not necessarily harmless.

Electromagnetic Stress is often an unrecognized and undiagnosed factor in many ailments, pain, people suffering from bodily aches, slow recovery. Contributing factors to Electro Stress include:

  • mobile phone masts
  • substations
  • pylons
  • DECT phone systems
  • GSM  and UMTS mobile phones
  • computer equipment
  • household appliances
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems.

Geomack G-Oyster

The technology that is so energising for humans, that is found in the rest of the Geomack range of Energetic Vitalisers has now been miniaturised down into G-Oyster.  This smallest powerful Personal Energetic Vitaliser ever in contrast to Geomack larger products for buildings.

Relief from everyday stress, bodily aches and pain

G-Oyster™ is the conclusion of many years of research and development in miniaturising the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology™.  The G-Oyster™ is totally revolutionary in personal energetic protection – both in terms of Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress. While at the same time being an amazing personal energy booster that can be carried right in your pocket!

Portable Personal Protection

Protect yourself from the effects of Electro Stress at home, at work and on the move. As well as in your pocket, there are many other ways to use G-Oyster™.  Geomack has other portable products.

  • Put it in your handbag/rucksack.
  • Have it by your bed.
  • Or under your pillow.
  • Take it with you on holidays and business trips.
  • Take it in the car to be more refreshed on your journey.
  • Have it on your desk or by your computer to reduce tiredness and instil calm.

Most successful personal protection

Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology™ has proved itself as the most successful personal energy technology available on the market, which is proven by the track record of the products which have utilised it. A money back guarantee has been offered on all Geomack products since production started in 1988 and the return rate has remained under 1%, which indicates the customer satisfaction rate of over 99%.

Electro Stress is now pervasive.

It might be very difficult to cancel out or shield against Electro Stress, but we can at least protect ourselves against the effects it has on us and we can do so with Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology™. Now available right in your pocket.



Thickness at thickest point : 2.4 cm , Just under 1″

Diameter : 8.5 cm , 3 1/3″

Coverage : Vicinity of the carrier

GET VITALISED with G-Oyster™


Top Tips

Try placing the G-Oyster on a sore place or injury

If you feel the need try to place it on or next to your head

Remember to drink plenty of water to help the detox process

You can sleep with the unit in bed, next to your body or under your pillow



These designs have been continually upgraded over the decades since the 1980s. Geomack keeps at the forefront in its field to effectively reduce the harmful effects of successive generations of wireless telecommunications technologies and other sources of electromagnetic pollution.

The unique design of the products means that they can rectify negative energies, and transform them into positive energies in the environment we are living in. What is totally unique and so crucial for all Geomack products is the special way they are designed and built to fulfil these energetic requirements.


All Geomack products are a lifetime investment and have a substantial effect in boosting the immune system. Now this function is more relevant than ever before, with the new viruses and diseases in our society.  Unexplained bodily aches, pain and stress, plus the pre-existing issues of influenza and the common cold, see scientific research.

All Geomack products are manufactured following the European General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, according to the TUV testing laboratory in Vienna, Austria. To see scientific research.

To briefly explain the phenomena of Geomack unit operation: By installing a Geomack system, we convert negative draining energies to positive charging energies.

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 2.4 cm


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  1. Mary

    I was getting tired traveling into and from work on the train. I have the E704 at work and the E9004 at home, once I got the G-oyster for traveling, my tiredness went, before I use to have to measure out my energy, now I have a constant supply of energy… fantastic

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